Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Can't really explain what I've been feeling ever since I've started talking to you. But you're simply amazing. You make me feel things that I thought only existed in fairytales. You ARE a fairytale. Right now, I'm writing this as we talk and I can't help but smile. Seeing your face in my mind's eye. You're beautiful. Gorgeous. Unbelievable. Immaculate. I can go on describing your wonderful qualities but none of my words can add up to the real thing. Your true worth. I mean, damn. Where did you come from? How did I get so lucky? I can't continue writing this without feeling an overwhelming sense of joy just because I'm lucky enough to say that I know you. And I do know you. But I want to BE you. Have my moment with you. A moment where we are one. Even if it is for a brief second. I'm sure as it happens, it'll feel like a lifetime of bliss. No one has made me feel as if I can write again. And I haven't written about anyone in a long time. That means you're special and in your case that's a true understatement. I'm going to stop here because I can go on forever about this. Just know that I thank you for being the man that every woman has always wanted to find. A man who I'm lucky enough to say is my dream come true =) Possibly, anyway :-P

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