Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I need... You

What are you to me?
Are you the immaculate personification of my wet dream?
The one I see when I close my eyes visualizing hands sneaking up my thighs?
Caressing my inner sanctum
Telling me that you can make me feel better when you like them
Saying your the one for me
Spreading lies of emotional pies filled with the cream of pain, topped with the whimper of my cries
Need more than just your word, your touch, your false love
I need more than just the look in your eyes when you catch a glimpse of my thigh
The catch in your voice when I don't give you a choice
Because my shirt spread just a bit too much tempting you to touch
Because my lips glimmered in the moonlight making your insides shine bright
Because my hips shook and shimmering hitting the spot, making you grow hot
I need your soul, touching mine willing it to grow
I need your faith in me, in the woman that I will be
I need your inner light shining just a little too bright
I need your shirt spreading just a bit too much tempting me to touch
I need your dominion, not giving me a choice just to hear that little catch in my voice
I need...
Not the text message version, picture mail sending, email writing, once in a while I'll give you a smile type man
I need your heart in my hand
The beat that I live to making me want to rumba in my living room type man
I need...